Walk Home

IMG_6521By Paloma Pinto


Struggling to relate to her peers after natural disaster wreaks havoc in her life, this young college student needs help finding her way home.


The film takes place, almost entirely, on our protagonists walk home. She has had a long day, unable to connect or communicate with her friends, finding those conversations trivial and leaving her feeling less like herself. On this late-night walk home, she gets a call from her mother, a conversation she finds, much to her disappointment, less comforting than she would’ve liked. A frustration grows between her and her mother: her mother, who seeks only to help her, and the girl who does not seek to spurn her mother but inadvertently does. Eventually, upon reaching her home in spite of a number of obstacles, the girl finds solace in the comfort of her friends and learns that love is more than complete understanding. This story is inspired by some of the experiences I had after my home flooded in Hurricane Harvey. I want to touch upon themes of friendship, love, motherhood, anxiety, empathy and loneliness–in all its forms.



Camila is a 20 year old Hispanic architecture student with a lot on her plate. Though typically an optimistic, extroverted, rambunctious young girl, lately Camila has been feeling a bit low. After a hurricane floods her hometown while she was away at college, she has been having trouble relating to her friends at school and her family at home. She feels that nothing anyone says makes her feel any better. So, Camila is at a wall. She wants to feel back to normal but hasn’t figured out how to get there. Her friends’ concerns feel superfluous and her family’s support feels distant. In short, Camila feels alone and frankly has been reveling in that solitude. Must be able to speak Spanish

Camila’s mom:

Camila’s mom is an immigrant from Latin America (speaks mostly Spanish). She works as a Spanish teacher in Houston, Texas. Some people live their lives for their career, others for money, others for their own personal wants. Not Camila’s mother. She lives her life for her kids. She is honest and hard-working, she usually has a lot on her plate which can make her distracted. She can become impatient but tries hard not to let that get the best of her, especially when it comes to her kids. Camila’s mother is incredibly caring which sometimes her children consider overbearing but is always out of love. She worked hard for her family ensuring they’d always have the best. She is now trying to make the best out of a difficult situation.


A gentle, soft spoken, but outgoing friend of Camila’s. She tries her best to be there for Camila at the clearly difficult time but doesn’t always know how. She offers support in any way she can. She if creative, caring, and crafty. She is also a college student with a lot on her plate, but is organized and tends to find a good balance in things.

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