parkerBy Parker Rice


Two college students spend an interesting night in a foreign bar.


Carter and Eddie, two young college students on vacation, visit a foreign bar that is infamous for participating in the illicit drug trade. Eddie having no fear about their strange environment, Carter is overwhelmed by paranoia and dread being in such an unfamiliar place. After thinking he was abandoned by his buddy Eddie, Carter befriends a lonely expatriate, George, and a rough Bartender, Jakub, who comfort Carter in his paranoic daze.


CARTER: Male, 18-24, Neurotic college student pressured to go out while his friend buys drugs when all he wants to do is stay home. He very rarely leaves his comfort zone, so this experience is extremely terrifying for him.

EDDIE: Male, 18-24, A New friend of Carter’s. Known for his contradictory personality traits, he is described as a diligent hard worker as well as a laid-back slacker. Very gregarious and easygoing. An oppositional counterpart to Carter.

GEORGE: Male, 25-45, Lonely American expatriate who has trouble making new connections and letting go of previously dangerous relationships. Has a lot of anger pent up inside, but has trouble finding people to talk about his turbulent past.

JAKUB: Male, 35-55, Rough foreign bartender with a distaste for Americans. A bitter ex-convict who can only land a gig at a bar ran by the criminal organization that got him placed behind bars in the first place.

JONAS: Male, 18-24, Secondary character, German student who approaches Eddie to play chess.


Screen credit, meals and craft services during shooting, a copy of the film



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