By Oliver F. Sanderson


As a young man begins to share his first apartment with a female roommate, he also begins to share too much of his life on a social media therapy app called ViCare.


Shortly after discovering ViCare, a counseling service for the virtually inclined, the college sophomore Jeremy moved into his first apartment with friend and former fling, Emilia. Before the two host a housewarming party, Jeremy carelessly shares on ViCare their less-than platonic past. When Emilia discovers that he has made their private life public, Jeremy is forced to choose between his followers online and his friend in real life.


Character Breakdowns:


Jeremy (Male, early 20s): A witty but distractible college sophomore, Jeremy is a young man who often speaks before he thinks. This trait has gotten him into some trouble in the past, but has proved to well-suited for the therapy app he’s discovered, ViCare. Jeremy constantly seeks attention and enjoys sifting through the comments left on his ViCare posts – often for hours, and instead of helping Emilia around the house. Now that they live together, Jeremy feels that his already-complicated relationship with Emilia has become all the more confusing.

Emilia (Female, early 20s): Reserved and independent, Emilia has long been accustomed to dealing with life alone. She makes friends easily, but finds it hard to keep them – with a few exceptions, Jeremy being one of them. She focuses on keeping her life simple and is greatly uninterested in social media, though doesn’t mind that Jeremy uses it constantly. However, she wishes that Jeremy would clean up more and play an active role in their house.

*must be comfortable with intimate contact with the other lead



Carlo (Male, early 20s): A lanky hipster who attends Emilia and Jeremy’s housewarming party. He is the boyfriend of Claire.

Claire (Female, early 20s): A warm, bubbly girl who comes with her boyfriend, Carlo, to the housewarming party.

Madison (Female, early 20s): Artsy and very animated, Madison is a longtime friend of Emilia and Jeremy’s and attends their housewarming party.

Xander (Male, early 20s): A friend of Jeremy’s and a follower of his on ViCare. Xander is a surfer-dude type and comes to the housewarming party.


On-set catering and craft services, film acting experience and credit, film poster, DVD or viewable link of performance, and the chance to work with active and creative members of the local film community.


Oliver F. Sanderson

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