An Interruption of Mundanity


By Squid Dixon


A middle-aged janitor’s monotonous life is changed when aliens begin to monitor his activity.


Frank, middle-aged janitor, is unwittingly being watched by alien scientists who are working on an Earth-species conservation project. He notices strange phenomena, and his friend Emma believes he is going insane. In the midst of all this, Frank tries to find the confidence to introduce himself to Mary, whom he admires.



Frank (Male, any ethnicity, 30’s – 40’s) –   a lonely, gruff man who works in custodial services at a university in which he deeply dreads. He feels like he’s being watched by aliens.


Emma (Female, any ethnicity, 30’s – 40’s) –  She is Frank’s closest friend. She is a teacher at the university where Frank is employed as a custodian.

Mary (Female, any ethnicity, 30’s – 40’s) – is a down to earth woman who has a passion for reading.  She is in the same book club as Emma.


Credit in film screenings and film festival submissions, a DVD copy of your performance, on set catering and craft services, and clips for a reel.


Squid Dixon


Sides offered upon request


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