Amped Up

By Ashley Elizabeth Brown


An outlandish group of young adults enter a Battle of the Bands contest. The only problem? They don’t know how to play.


Anthony is a part-time barista who’s trying to get over a recent break up with ex-girlfriend, Valerie. He shares an apartment complex with his neighbors, wannabe punk-rocker, Adrienne, and goth with-no-filter, Justice. After suggesting to Adrienne that they could easily start a band (due to Adrienne’s church choir background and Justice’s experience with singing in the shower) Justice pitches the idea to Anthony. Anthony is less than enthused. One day later, Justice delivers the news that she has entered the newly-formed band “Good-Will Shopping” in a local contest, without Anthony or Adrienne’s permission. With two days away until showtime, Adrienne, Anthony, and Justice must face the music, or fail miserably.

Character Breakdowns


Anthony  (Male 20-30, any ethnicity) –  An exasperated Barista that lives below Adrienne and Justice. Anthony is quick to anger and jump to conclusions. He broke up with his girlfriend of one year because she refused to share her piece of cake with him. Anthony is trying to move on from his previous relationship, but his ex-girlfriend, Valerie, remains an active customer at his coffee shop. In addition, his upstairs neighbors, Adrienne and Justice, always seem to pull him into their antics. Anthony becomes the bass-playing frontman of the band, not because he wants to, but because he was “volunteered” by Justice. Actor must be comfortable with holding an instrument (bass) and imitate playing it. Music background is a bonus but not required

Adrienne  (Female 20-30, any ethnicity) – Adrienne is a church-going woman who hides her punk lifestyle from both her church-going community and her mother. Adrienne uses outdated, forced lingo in her conversations. She is roommates with her eclectic best friend, Justice. Adrienne becomes the guitar-strumming punk rocker persona she always wanted to become when the band comes together – Adrienne Adrenaline. Actor must be comfortable with holding an instrument (guitar) and imitate playing it. Music background is a bonus but not required.

Justice (Female 20-30, any ethnicity) –  Adrienne’s unemployed, elusive, and eccentric roommate. Justice embodies the goth spirit – always dressed head to toe in velvet and heavy makeup. Justice enjoys talking about her Prozac prescription and eating dairy, despite her lactose intolerance. Too much information is not a phrase in her vocabulary. Justice is the instigator – she signed herself and her neighbors up for the band contest. Actor must be comfortable with holding an instrument (drums) and imitate playing it. Music background is a bonus but not required.


Adrienne’s Mom (Female 50-60, any ethnicity) –  Adrienne’s mother that remains an active force in her daughter’s life. She attends the same church as Adrienne and expects her daughter to be there with her, sitting in the same pew on Sunday.

Valerie  (Female 20-30, any ethnicity) –  The rational side of Anthony. Valerie is Anthony’s ex-girlfriend that continues to get her daily latte at the coffee shop that her ex works at. Despite Anthony’s protest, Valerie believes that “not sharing her cake” wasn’t a good enough reason to break up.


On-set catering and craft services, film acting credits, film poster, DVD of the performance, potential for recognition via film festival submission, and the opportunity to work with passionate Digital Media Production student crew members.

Shooting Dates

8 to 10 shoot days between mid-January to late March 2019.

Contact Info

Sides available upon request.

Email: Phone: (985) 774-0357

Please feel free to contact me at any of the information above, should you have any questions or concerns.

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