Who Is It?

Tosca Maltzman

By Tosca Maltzman


When college students Cailey and Jess move in together for the school year, the semester seems off to a great start. That is, until the pairing turns fatal.


Cailey, a college student, is moving into a new house with a new roommate, Jess, at the start of this school year. They’re a seemingly well-matched pair, but the living situation doesn’t go quite as planned. As Cailey is moving in, she drops a notebook that falls open on the sidewalk. When neighbor Travis sees it on the sidewalk, he goes to pick it up to bring it to their door. Before he takes it over, he notices the contents. Quickly realizing it is suspicious, he decides to look through it before actually giving it back. While Cailey and Jess get to know each other, they realize that Jess’s father, a middle school teacher, had Cailey’s little sister in his class. They connect over their original hometown, although Cailey’s family had since moved away before high school (so the two never really knew each other). We learn through the notebook later on that Cailey is plotting to kill Jess. Cailey is targeting Jess for a specific and revengeful reason – Jess’s father molested Cailey’s little sister. As Cailey had time to process what had happened, she wanted to seek revenge herself. Travis doesn’t know all this backstory, but he does have Cailey’s plans in his possession. He takes it upon himself to try and get Jess out of the house at the times Cailey plans to try to strike.


Cailey Mason (Female, 18-25) –  Cailey, an organized and plan-centered person, believes very strongly in the idea of justice – especially that it should be carried out and the punishment should fit the crime. Currently a criminal justice major in university, she is focused, studious, and meticulous in all that she does. She is what some would call a perfectionist – she works hard and always tries to be the best and most organized that she can be. She’s exhibited determination and focus since she was young. She’s remarkably close with her sister Abby; they tell each other everything and confide in each other despite the 3 year age difference. Cailey has always been a little reserved and quiet throughout her life; Abby is her best friend. When Cailey was a sophomore, Abby was molested by her English teacher, Mr. Bralin. Abby told no one but Cailey what had happened. Cailey decided to focus on getting revenge for what happened.

Jess Bralin (Female, 18-25) –  Jess, a creative and curious girl, loves to read and to spend her free time with her creative passions of music and photography. She finds these to be great outlets for the stress she deals with while being a busy fulltime student in college. Jess is a communications major. Her biggest passion is to write. Jess has always had a curious and exploring mind and a strong sense of adventure. She can be anxious at times, but when her stresses all build up, she’s good at recognizing what is stressing her out, putting everything in perspective, and calming down with a plan of action in order to deal with her obligations and stresses.

Travis Cotts (Male, 18-25) – Travis is a lazy and kind of uninvolved college student. He’s always been a little mischievous and has even gotten in trouble when he was younger for things like shoplifting, smoking, and acting out. Although he’s settled down a bit, the sense of adventure and rebellion that these things were spurred from still is strong in him. A frequent class-cutter, he doesn’t necessarily love being a student. It’s more important to him to be relaxed and doing what he wants to be doing when he wants to be doing it. But when he’s passionate about something, he is focused and motivated.


On-set craft services, film acting credits, copy of film, and networking opportunities.


Tosca Maltzman, tmaltzma@tulane.edu

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