Twin Mints

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By Juliet Chin


Set over one Friday afternoon, the film follows two precocious fraternal twin sisters, eight-year-olds Penelope and Ivy, as they reluctantly sell girl scout cookies.


With fourth grade soon approaching, friend groups changing, and an older sibling coming home for the summer, Penelope and Ivy work to navigate their ever-changing twinhood bond. Summer is only two weeks away and on this Friday morning Penelope and Ivy are getting ready for school. Their older, college-aged sister Lydia is back home for the summer and, as always, the mood of the house has shifted. Their mother and sister Lydia begin their daily banter while the twins find out that they must spend their Friday afternoon selling girl scout cookies. They are in girl scouts but have “not really been feeling it” for most of the third grade, therefore they are not very excited that they must sell 20 boxes instead of going to friends houses and “hanging.” Nevertheless, their mom really wants them to stay in the troop and therefore they must. The girls have a normal day of school and after they are supposed to wait on the sidewalk for Lydia to pick them up– she is supposed to take them around the neighborhood to sell cookies. Penelope and a new-ish friend, Sonya, were clicking all day and so they wait outside on the sidewalk together. Ivy finally meets them but Sonya and Penelope are acting quite exclusive. Nevertheless, Lydia shows up and Penelope and Ivy leave. While the girls begin to sell, sitting at a set-up stand, they begin to bicker. The girls both wanted to have separate play dates. However, they were annoyed with each other for not including the other. After unsettled arguments and zero cookie sells, Lydia tells them to leave the stand and walk door to door to try and sell. Bored and upset, the girls reluctantly start knocking. The twins are not finding any luck as everyone is either not home or have already bought cookies. In addition, they are still ‘not talking’ to each other. However, once Ivy realizes their twin-cuteness is what could actually land them some sells, they slowly but surely team up to creatively manipulate people into buying boxes. The girls make nowhere near their goal, but they’re not fighting anymore, so they can at least celebrate that!



Penelope (Female: 7-10) – Penelope, P for short, is a spunky, yet goofy third grader. She is the older twin between her and Ivy, by only three minutes, but it still counts. While she may be smaller than Ivy, her big loud personality makes up for it. P loves to be the center of attention by making people laugh and prides herself on her ‘sophisticated’ sense of humor. She looks up to her older sister Lydia who is in college. Penelope loves being goofy and young, however, she often does tries to grow up too fast. While she would never admit it, she finds herself scared that fourth grade and changing friend groups may take Ivy away from her.

Ivy (Female: 7-10) – Ivy is a kind, adventurous third grader. She is the younger of the twins but often people just thinks she’s older than Penelope because of her height. Ivy is a bit quieter than her sister, but that’s just because she usually lets Penelope do the talking since she loves it so much. Ivy may be quiet, but she is just as goofy and quick witted as her sister. Ivy is not a flashy girl, she is not much into what she wears or looking nice, but she does get embarrassed easily. She really hates mean people and hates when it seems like people are trying to be cool, as her sister P often does (which embarasses Ivy). Ivy loves sports and constantly being entertained with quality time.

Lydia (Female: 18-23) – Lydia is a loving yet apathetic college student. Ivy and Penelope were born when she was just beginning middle school so she has always been the way, way older sister. She is nurturing and growing up with little babies made her feel like the second mother in the house. However, since she left for college it is becoming harder and harder to remain in their lives. Not to mention she is quite preoccupied herself with trying to find a job and being in her first real relationship. Lydia loves her sisters but just does not always have the time or interest.


Mom (Karen) (Female: 40-55) – Karen is a kind woman who just has a lot going on. She is a single mom and works in marketing. She is constantly busy with work, however she also loves being proud of her amazing daughters. During the school year, Karen takes shorter hours to take care of the twins, but once Lydia comes home she makes up for lost time and takes on more projects for the summer.

Sonya (Female: 7-10) – Sonya is a classic popular girl at school. She is an only child and jumps around friend groups, always becoming the number one and always wearing the most trendy outfits. Right now, Penelope and her have become much closer over the last week of school when they were put in the same group for a field trip. Ivy on the other hand, is nice but Sonya usually only has one bestie at a time.

Tonya (Female: 30-40s) – Tonya is a neighbor whose children go to Penelope and Ivy’s school. However they are in the fifth grade so they do not know Tonya and her family well. Tonya is used to buying girl scout cookies, boy scout wrapping paper, and anything needed from the local children.

Eddie (Male: 30s-40s) – Eddie is a neighbor who is also used to participating in the community’s activities. He and his husband have a son who is a year younger than Penelope and Ivy, but they do not know each other.

Dina (Female: 7-10) – Dina is an eight-year-old girl who has known Penelope and Ivy since kindergarten. They are in the same troop and no matter the changes in friend groups throughout the years, the three of they have always been friends. Dina is also one of the only friends who hang out with Penelope and Ivy equally.


On-set craft services, film acting credits, film poster, copy of performance, and potential recognition via film festival submissions.

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