How (Not) To Fix a Mortal

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By Megan Walker


Reeling in the aftermath of her latest misfortune, a woman awakens to find three Greek goddesses in her living room. They’ve come to help her, in typical questionable god fashion.


After dumping her married boyfriend, Thalia, a young woman on her way home, runs into a kind stranger who walks her home. What she doesn’t know is that the woman is actually a Greek goddess, Hestia, who decides to help her. The next morning the goddesses Hera, Aphrodite, and Persephone appear in Thalia’s living room, ready to fix her problems the way any deity would, with poorly-planned and chaotic revenge plots.

Character Breakdown


Thalia (Female, mid to late 20s – 35, any ethnicity) –  The protagonist and a true millennial, Thalia views her semi-bleak life with a kind of humorous depression and casual nihilism that lets her approach most situations with indifference. She is, however, very self-assured, and will stand up for herself if she feels the need. When she learned that her boyfriend was married, she emptied a new bottle of wine over him in full view of the restaurant before leaving, so when she does act, she makes it count. Having always been a Mythology nerd, she wakes the morning after the breakup to three Greek goddesses who want to fix her life. Knowing how most myths go, Thalia is sure of one thing, it’ll be a hell of a time.

Hera (Female, mid to late 20s – 40, any ethnicity) –  Ageless, immortal, powerful, and jealous as all hell, Hera, queen of the Greek gods and goddess of marriage, is taking her mind off her promiscuous husband, Zeus, by getting some friends together and helping a mortal fix her life.

Aphrodite (Female, mid to late 20s – 40, any ethnicity) – The only person more self-centered than Aphrodite is Narcissus himself, and she’s convinced even he would be obsessed with her if they met. The goddess of love and beauty is here for exactly three reasons: 1) She was bored when Hera asked, 2) Nothing is more fun than messing with the lives of mortals, and 3) She’s having a fantastic hair day and doesn’t want to waste it.

Persephone (Female, mid to late 20s – 40, any ethnicity) –  Still unsure how Hera managed to convince her, Persephone, goddess of the underworld, is reluctant to meddle in Thalia’s life. First impressions might make Persephone seem like the cold and detached friend, but any time spent with her reveals kindness and warmth. She is, after all, still a nature goddess, and genuinely wants to help Thalia.


Hestia (Female, mid to late 20s – 40, any ethnicity) –  Goddess of hearth and home, Hestia radiates warmth and calm. Rather than appearing as striking, Hestia prefers a physical form that appears gentle, almost maternal. When she passes Thalia during one of her rare moments away from her hearth, on the night of Thalia’s breakup, she can’t help but be overwhelmed by compassion and recruits the three other goddesses to help Thalia out.

Peter Ju (Male, 25-35, actor of East Asian descent recommended) –  Thalia’s scholastic, charming, and married ex-boyfriend, Peter shows up for a last-ditch effort at winning Thalia back. Unluckily for him, Hera is there, which is a problem if, like Peter, you’re actually Zeus in disguise.


On-set craft services and meals, film acting credits, copy of film, potential for recognition via film festival submission, great networking opportunities, and fun.

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