Vision Quest


By Holden Cooper


A burnout college student enters a therapy course secretly run by a cult, who summon his guardian spirit to guide him on a journey of self discovery


Ethan Stone is a loser waiting to happen, a 19 year old who’s lost his fire and drive and is on the verge of dropping out of college. His girlfriend, concerned about his mental wellbeing, convinces him to go to a group therapy session in order to try and help him straighten out his act. As it turns out, the counselor, Dr. Crowley, is actually the leader of a growing cult movement. When Ethan arrives, he finds himself thrust into the middle of a cult ritual. In the process, a Guardian Spirit is released, and he takes Ethan on a spiritual journey to find himself, evade the cult, and gain a sense of purpose in his life.

Character Breakdown:


Ethan Stone (Male 18-22) – College student with a penchant for pizza rolls and a deflated work ethic. Ethan is a good kid, charming and witty, but recently he’s been struggling with a lack of direction. He wants to do well for himself, he just feels trapped in a rut. He’s very adaptable, a very go with the flow kind of guy. He has a supreme confidence that everything will always work out for him, even if things look bad. He takes the rapidly escalating events in stride until he can finally hit his breakthrough. Should have good comedic timing, and stage combat is a plus

The Guardian Spirit (Any gender, any age) – The Guardian Spirit protects its charge from its worst and most ever-present danger: the charge themselves. It is a course correction specialist, using vision quests to help its client regain control of their life. If the Guardian Spirit went to college, it would be a psychology major because there is nothing that it loves more than getting inside a client’s psyche and crafting a vision quest unique to that psyche to heal what ails them. This Spirit absolutely craves a spirit quest, and is willing to take the first opportunity that comes across. It’s very cramped inside the Crystal it is trapped inside, and it can’t wait to get out.


Miranda Stark (Female 18-22)  – Ethan’s girlfriend. She cares about him a lot and while they have a great repertoire, she’s worried about his mental health, and uses her relationship with Ethan to get him to go to therapy (she’s got him wrapped around her finger).
Dr. Crowley (Any Gender, any age) – The enigmatic, darkly charismatic cult leader. He has a magnetic voice and an easy rhythm to the way he moves.  Crowley should be tall.
Janice (Female 27-50) – The receptionist for the cult- Janice is a Fran Drescher type secretly in league with the cult.


You will get your own copy of the movie for free use in your acting portfolio. Craft services and catering will also be offered on set.

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Holden Cooper
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