By Taylor Grodin


A mother and daughter’s estranged relationship is destroyed after the daughter dies in an accident, but her soul and spirit are trapped in a candle flame in order for her to talk to her mother one last time before moving on.


Jane Evans and her daughter Candace live together in a small home in a quiet neighborhood. As a strict mother, Jane makes up many rules for her daughter to follow, including a curfew, while Candace usually sneaks out of the house to see her girlfriend, Elsie, on the other side of town.

One night, Jane catches Candace coming home from Elsie’s house and proceeds to get into an intense fight, ending with Candace storming out of the house. On her way driving to Elsie’s house, Candace is called by her mother, but she is distracted and gets into a crash and is tragically killed. A week passes and Jane is distraught by Candace’s death.

She sits down to eat dinner along one night when a single candle then spontaneously ignites, almost as if it was brought to life. When Jane inspects it, she begins to hear Candace’s voice emitting from the flame. Candace is in a state of purgatory while in the candlelight. Jane and Candace begin to reconcile, as Candace sees that her mother’s worries come out of love and she wish to protect Candace from harm, but Jane needs to learn to let her daughter go. Jane musters up the final willpower to say her goodbyes to Candace for the final time and put out the candlelight.



Jane (40s to 50s, female) – Jane is a stern but loving parent to her daughter, Candace. She is strict and uptight and snobbish, but Jane knows this because she thinks she’s better than everyone else. Jane is the type of woman you’d see dressing up in nice clothing even if she isn’t leaving home, as she believes that anyone who sees her should think she is significant. Jane’s rules and mannerisms can come off as shrewd and often annoying to Candace, but Jane believes this will steer Candace in the right direction and keep her safe.
Candace (20 to 25, female) – Candace is an introverted, curious, and intelligent young woman who grew up following her mother’s strict and overbearing rules. She is, however, grown to become rebellious and with an aptitude to fight back with her mother, who, as a result, she became distant with. Candace wishes she could be unrestricted and live life doing what she wants, including visiting her girlfriend on a nightly basis.
NOTE: Candace is comfortably and openly gay. The actress must be okay with holding hands and briefly kissing another woman.


Elsie (20 to 30, female) – Elsie is Candace’s girlfriend of several months. She is optimistic, friendly and very outgoing. She is a total extrovert, easily the opposite of Candace’s introverted quiet side. Nevertheless, the two are happily in a relationship together, and commonly like getting together for movie nights.
NOTE: Elsie is comfortably and openly gay. The actress must be okay with holding hands and briefly kissing another woman.
Beth (40s to 50s, female) – Beth is Jane’s sister who helps her cope after losing Candace in an accident. Beth is deeply caring of her sister and tries her best to help her get her life back on track.


On set experience, credit, and a DVD copy of performance


Taylor Grodin

Cell #: 9146298778


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