Dinner Theater

By Jordan Dahlhauser


A successful businessman and his estranged daughter reluctantly agree to reunite at a family dinner after nearly a year of not speaking.


The film begins with our protagonist, Chelsea as she prepares to have dinner with her father and younger brother. Although she and her brother still speak, she and her father (Richard) have not spoken for several months since she decided to drop out of college in pursuit of an acting career. Hoping that her younger brother, Chris (an irresponsible stoner), will be there to ease the tension, Chelsea is put in a tight spot when Chris breaks the news that he will be arriving to dinner late. When she arrives Chelsea and her father are forced to make awkward conversation in anticipation of Chris’s arrival. Richard passively aggressively scolds his daughter as she discusses her new career. This back and forth continues until Chris, who Richard is fond of, arrives nearly an hour late. Throughout the night, an unexpected turn of events leads Richard and Chelsea to eventually resolve their differences.


Chelsea (Female, Any Ethnicity, 18-25): An aspiring actress, she is a strong, independent, and outspoken young woman. Although she is estranged from her family, she often finds herself bailing her younger brother out of situations while consistently receiving criticism from her father. Despite being the black sheep of her family, she shows perseverance and determination in pursuit of her dreams, proving to be level headed and grounded in most situations.

Richard (Male, Any Ethnicity, 45-60): A gruff, callous, and distant businessman. Growing up poor, Richard has climbed his way up the social ladder, but has lost his sense of what is truly important in life. He has a strong, intimidating presence and takes himself too seriously in most situations, which has helped him tremendously with his career. Although he is antagonistic toward his daughter Chelsea, he is extremely affectionate and lenient toward his younger son, Chris.

Chris (Male, Any Ethnicity, 18-23): Irresponsible, selfish, and deceptive, Chris is a slacker who is barely making it through college and life in general. With his older sister Chelsea as the focus of their father’s disappointment, Chris has been living the past couple years under the guise that he is a successful law student. Although his incompetency may be apparent to the average person, his father continues to see him as a prodigy.


Film credits, on-set craft services, film poster, networking opportunities, free screening at the Prytania Theatre


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