By Kellyn Morris


A college freshman suffering from crippling social anxiety must face her traumatic past and find the courage to speak up for the little boy she mentors as she is the only one who has the power to save him from his abusive home.


Lulu Brown has suffered from extreme social anxiety even since her parents died when she was a little girl. However, when she starts college the walls she built to isolate herself begin to crumble. Lulu joins a community service club in which volunteers read to children at underprivileged elementary schools. Lulu is assigned to a little firecracker named Zahiem and his zealous spirit is deeply contagious but when he confides the abuse he is facing at home she must find her voice in order to help a little boy who has none. 

Character Breakdowns


Lulu Brown (Female, 17-22, any ethnicity) – Lulu lost her parents when she was six years old during hurricane Katrina and as a result of the trauma suffers from extreme social anxiety. Petrified of real interaction Lulu found solace in books.  She would sit by herself all the time knowing she never had any real friends’ content with the companionship of her characters. Deep down Lulu wants a best friend more than anything but can’t seem to find the confidence.

Zahiem Williams (male, 5-9, any ethnicity) Zahiem has a larger than life personality and an adorable sense of humor. His bright almond shape eyes are full of wonder and witty intelligence.  This is the type of kid that’s so cute strangers stop in the streets to play with him. He is much smaller than the other kids his age, but he compensates with his loud voice and expressive mannerisms. Zahiem recently lost his father to gun violence in his neighborhood and has since moved in with his abusive drug dealing uncle. At only six years old Zahiem has the weight of the world on his solders yet the little one was still determined to keep his promise to himself, to excel in school.

Catherine (Kitty) Jones (Female, 17-22, any ethnicity) – a spunky fowled mouthed young woman with hair as colorful as her personality. She comes from a rich waspy family in Connecticut but she is the polar opposite of her granola upbringing. She loves music, funky clothes, and weed. Her unflinching loyalty and compassion make up for her loud and sometimes obnoxious presence.


Grandmother Brown (female 60-80, any ethnicity) – a doting grandmother who was forced to bury her son far to young. She raised her granddaughter as her own child and just wants her to finally break out of her shell. Has enabled Lulu to cut herself off socially from the world by acting as her crutch.

Professor Adams (female 30-60, any ethnicity) – a New Orleans native who is extremely passionate about bettering children’s lives of through education. Was a 3rd grade teacher for 10 years before becoming a professor. She created the reading buddies’ program and it is her pride and joy.

Psychiatrist (30-60, any ethnicity, any gender) – overly zealous and sticky sweet psychiatrist. Believes anything can be fixed with the right prescription.

RA (17-25, any ethnicity, any gender) – enthusiastic college kid super excited about his/her leadership position as an RA.


On-set catering and craft services, film acting experience and credit, film poster, DVD of performance, potential viewership through film festival submissions, Opportunity to meet and work alongside a number of young up and coming filmmakers in the New Orleans Area.

Shooting Dates

8-10 shooting days between late January and early February.

Contact Information

Sides on site per request

Kellyn Morris

Email: thespeakfilm@gmail.com

Phone Number: 9146212585

Please feel free to email or call/text me with any question you may have.

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