Open House


IMG_6520By Ben Klebanoff


A workaholic, real estate agent must keep her most important open house to date afloat moments after finding the owner of the home dead in the master bedroom.


RENEE TOMPKINS (LEAD) – FEMALE – AGE 30-50; From her advertisement headshot, one would assume that this real estate agent has it all together. However, this couldn’t be farther from the truth. After a messy divorce, Renee was left with close to nothing, and now she must put in the work hours to return to her luxurious lifestyle. She is blunt and relentless in her everyday dealings, and will say and do anything to make a deal – even if it means bending the truth a bit.

CALEB (SUPPORTING) –  MALE – AGE 20-50; Caleb is Renee’s photographer, handyman, caterer, and gardener. He is a soft-spoken work horse, and usually keeps his complaints, of which there are many, to himself. Until it is too much to handle.

ERIC HENDERSON (SUPPORTING) – MALE – AGE 30-60; This perfectly quaffed, real estate big shot is ready to make a deal at anyone’s cost. He is an alpha male to the extreme, and will rip you apart while keeping a smile on his face.

LILLION (SUPPORTING) – FEMALE – AGE 50+; No one knows how this woman attained her fortune, or her accent either – is it French? Italian? It is unclear. However, her name is prominent around town. She is larger than life, even when death is knocking on her door.

DETECTIVE STEVE RICHARDS (SUPPORTING) – MALE – AGE 30-60; an extremely charming and amiable man who has come to the open house. He also happens to be a forensic detective.

CICI TOMPKINS (SUPPORTING) – FEMALE – AGE 7-11; Cici is the spoiled daughter of Renee. She is as outspoken as her mother, and although she is unruly, she seems to hold herself to a higher moral standard than her mother.

RIVER “Riv” TOMPKINS (SUPPORTING) – MALE – AGE 7-11; Renee’s son River doesn’t say much, but he is a constant ball of energy unless he has an iPad or fidget spinner in hand.

OPEN HOUSE GOERS (EXTRAS) – MALE & FEMALE – AGES 25+; artsy, quirky, high class people who attend a beautiful open house.


Although this is not a paid acting gig, there will be on-set craft services, a film acting credit (possible IMDB credit), a DVD of the finished film, networking opportunities, and possible recognition from film festivals.

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