By Caleb Horowitz


After finding a battered yet seemingly valuable wristwatch on their way to school, two twelve-year-old boys play hooky in an attempt to locate the owner, leading them on a surreal adventure through the city of New Orleans as they shed their naiveté and come face to face with the harsh reality of life.


Twelve-year-old best friends, Scott and Richie, walk to school together every morning. They are curious, imaginative boys caught in the transitional period between child and teenager. On one particular morning, they come across a discarded wristwatch as they make a shortcut through the neighborhood graveyard. With a hefty reward in mind, the two boys decide to play hooky in hopes of locating the owner of the watch. They set out on an adventure that takes them through the city of New Orleans, putting them in a variety of situations that test their maturity, wits, and ideas about adulthood as well as identity. Eventually, the boys come face-to-face with the owner of the watch, only to be reminded that not everything is always as simple as it might seem.



Scott Marron (Male 12) – Scott is an understated and likable young man. He is twelve years old and lives in New Orleans. He’s definitely still a kid in many ways, but it’s obvious that Scott is starting to feel some anxiety about growing up. Part of him seems uncomfortable with the rapid change associated with his age, but he’s not yet an awkward teen. A bit of a daydreamer, Scott always speaks with conviction and purpose. He is best friends with Richie Savino, with whom he does practically everything. Scott isn’t as talkative as his friend. He’s more concerned with the deeper meaning of things.

Richie Savino (Male 12) – Richie is a verbose and wildly imaginative young man. He is twelve years old and lives in New Orleans. He is constantly scheming up some grand adventure that often lands him and Scott in bizarre situations. As an adolescent, Richie definitely feels the pressures of growing up weighing down on him, but he often overcompensates to combat this sense of dread. Richie has a great sense of humor and a quick wit. He dresses a little more formerly because he thinks it makes him look distinguished.


Mike Ratowski (Male 35-55) – Mike is a forty-one year old gardener living in New Orleans. He’s a relatively good guy with a strong enough moral compass, but is prone to spontaneous outbursts of anger. Having just accidentally murdered his brother, Mike is nervous and depressed. He looks tired, stressed out, and a little tortured.

Ellen Divor (Female 40-50) – Ellen is a casually glamorous woman who lives in uptown New Orleans. She was once a wild and adventurous southern belle, but has settled for a life of domesticity, which hasn’t been altogether satisfying. Ellen is pretty, kind, and sweet, but drinks like a fish and smokes like a chimney. She’s experiencing some serious marital discord, which is reflected in her interactions with her husband Patrick.

Patrick Divor (Male 40-55) – Patrick is a handsome, clean-cut businessman. Due to recent hardships in his marriage, he looks exhausted and frustrated. Patrick tends to be sarcastic and condescending when angry.

Lane (Male 14-15) – Lane is an eighth grader at the middle school. His two older brothers pick on him which explains Lane’s perpetual sense of insecurity, for which he overcompensates by lashing out at other kids. Lane fits the typical bully mold and is disliked as well as feared by most kids in his grade. He likes to pick on Scott and Richie as they walk to school because they are easy targets and never fight back. He’s not really a bad kid, but he’s pretty unlikable.

Gary (Male 40-65) – Gary is a talented street musician. There is something sad and mournful about him. He was never able to hold a steady job, and after a recent falling out with his wealthy family, he was forced to look for new sources of income. These days, he plays for tips on busy street corners and sells pot.

Marv (Male 40-60) – Marv is an aging drunk who was recently evicted from his apartment for not paying his rent. What little money he does make gambling with other bums is immediately spent on liquor. He’s by no means dangerous or creepy, but his general uncleanliness and drunken demeanor turn most people off. He’s always willing to speak his mind and offer unsolicited advice.

Clerk (Female 30-55) – A clerk who works at the store Scott and Richie visit when looking for the owner of the watch. She is kind, but a little skeptical. She is touched by the young boys’ conviction and innocence, but slightly confused as to their situation.


Meals will be provided for cast and crew during shoot days.

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Caleb Horowitz


(707) 331- 2447

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