By Megan Logsdon


Ron, a student who’s nighttime alter ego is a clown, lives for scaring people on campus with his clown posse. The clowning scheme is going great until one night when Ron meets a scare-ee and gets roped into going on a date with her.


We open up on an image of Ronald (Ron) scaring someone on a quad. The scar-ee runs inside a building and we see Ron wave and mockingly blow a kiss. Not such a good guy. He walks away and gets into a car full of clown buddies and they go to eat for a break and then get back to more scaring. In this next scare Ron goes up to a dorm window with the blinds open and knocks on it making a face. A girl, Jenny turns around sobbing. She is not scared but she just breaks out into more sobs. Ron isn’t sure why but he feels really bad for her. He decides to knock on her door and try to console her. She answers and asks him why he is doing this to people. He explains that he feels bad and wants to help her if he can. She invites him, they sit down and she rambles. She explains that she broke up with her high school boyfriend of three years. Eventually she is so upset that she asks Ron, pleadingly to go out with her. He gives her a weird look which sends her into more sobs. Ron quickly agrees trying to get her to stop crying. She does and she says ok.

After their first date, they end up liking each other and building up their relationship.  All the while, Ron still goes around with his clown group scaring people on campus. He is distracted though and his buddies can tell. They don’t like that and they are worried this new girl will rat them out. Jenny also makes hints that she wants him to stop. They eventually go on a date to the fly and have a picnic and their first kiss. On this date, Jenny asks him to stop clowning and he promises he will. Everything is great for Ron, but slowly he is finding himself in a situation where he needs to choose clowning or Jenny. One night he gets into the clown car and his friends confront him. He must choose Jenny or the clowns. He tells them he chooses them, but secretly he is going to keep seeing Jenny.

The next night Jenny is at Ron’s house and they are hanging out. Ron is on his computer and he texts his buddies asking what time they are going out tonight. Jenny sees this and gets up in a fit of rage. She is done. She leaves but Ron pleads with her. She doesn’t listen and he wallows in sadness. That night he decides to go for a walk and he also sees his clown buddies out scaring without him and this really sends him over the edge, but his friend Miles sees him and they talk for a minute. He then mentions Jenny left him. His buddy says “Dude, go get her, don’t let this ruin you.” So, Ron decides to put away his clown suit and drops vase of flowers off with a note at Jenny’s door. He says he will be at the fly at 5 pm next Friday waiting for her. He is committed to stop clowning and he confesses his love for her. Jenny picks this up and looks confused as to what to do. Ron is at the fly dressed nicely sitting waiting. He checks his watch, it is 5:45. He is about to give up, but Jenny taps his shoulder and he jumps up. They kiss and make up but… after a few credits roll, Ron takes his clown suit back out of the box he put it in.



Ron (male, 18-25, any ethnicity): Ron is a bit of a loner guy. He did not have much going for him and only a few friends in high school. Once he got to college all he wanted was to belong to something and he stumbled upon the clown crew. Finally he found his place with the clown crew. He is not the leader of the group but he really looks up to the leader and aspires for his approval. He tends to sulk and mope. He is obsessed with horror movies, but funny enough he was scared of clowns as a kid. One thing Ron has yet to experience is love, and his current state is that he doesn’t need it. (Must be comfortable wearing heavier makeup)

Jenny (female, 18-25, any ethnicity): Jenny is a sweet girl who is recently broken hearted. She is a girl who feels her feelings well and is open about emotion. She is in short the opposite of Ron. Jenny is a strong minded woman and doesn’t really take crap from anyone and she will stand up for herself, but at times she can be aloof as she gets caught up in her feelings.


Darren (male, 18-25, any ethnicity): The head honcho of the clown crew. He does not mess around and does not want to get caught. Ron looks up to him a little bit too much. Darren isn’t a fan of outsiders joining the group and is super exclusive. (Must be comfortable wearing heavier makeup)

Miles (male, 18-25, any ethnicity): Ron’s closest friend also in the clown crew. A calm guy who knows what he’s doing is stupid but he is still there and can’t bring it upon himself to leave. (Must be comfortable wearing heavier makeup)

Kelly (male or female, 18-25, any ethnicity): another clown who Ron is not as close too . Kind of the quiet person in the group. (Must be comfortable wearing heavier makeup)


A dvd of the film, film poster, craft services on set, potential viewership at film festivals, a darn good time

Shooting Dates

8-10 shooting dates from late January to early April


Sides available upon request.

Email: Megan Logsdon,

Please feel free to reach out with any questions.



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