Brief Encounters

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By Jonathan Avershal


When Jimmy Macon gets locked out of his house before a huge interview, he must get across town without his phone, wallet, and most importantly, his pants.


Jimmy Macon is a senior at Foremoore University and hopes his years of hard work will translate to a job out of college. On the morning of his interview with Diablo Marketing Corp., Jimmy walks outside to get the newspaper, only to accidentally lock himself out of his house. With no phone, wallet, or pants, Jimmy must get to the interview any way he can. He encounters an endearing cast of New Orleans natives who get him closer and closer to the interview as time runs out.  The generous nature of New Orleans rubs off on Jimmy and leads to a standoff at the Diablo Corporation offices.



JIMMY MACON (Male, early 20s)

Jimmy is a spacey, 22-year old student who feels that his youth may be slipping away due to the oncoming pressures of post-grad life. His father’s hefty expectations have pushed Jimmy to a crisis. Now Jimmy must prove that he can be the captain of his life and make his own decisions.

KEN SMITH (Male, early 30s)

A top marketing executive at Diablo Marketing Corp, and an antagonist in Jimmy’s life. Ken is a, disciplined and crafty businessman. Ken has recently been promoted to Executive of Sales Strategies and hopes Jimmy’s youthful presence will spur a sales growth in the millennial demographic for Diablo Corp.

Carneisha Young (Female, late 20s)

Carneisha is Jimmy’s postal carrier that gives him a ride to Saint Charles in the early morning of the interview. She is famous around town for her bubbly personality and playful humor.


PENNY HENDERSON (female, early 20s)

Penny is Jimmy’s loyal girlfriend and a senior at Foremoore University. She’s a skinny doe-eyed girl who found her calling as an Art major. Also, a kindred spirit with a knack for oil paintings and custom drawn postcards.

Billie Joe Fontenot (Male, early 50s)

BJF is an erratic homeless man that boasts a brand-new pair of rollerblades in the park. He is a legend around New Orleans and invites Jimmy over for a riddle that will affect Jimmy’s fate forever. Must have scruffy appearance such as scraggly long hair, unkempt beard.

Secretary (Female, early 20s)

The front desk attendant at Diablo Marketing Corp. New to the position and extremely shocked by Jimmy’s state of dress.

Unnamed Schoolchild (Female, aged 9-15)

Student at bus stop who gives Jimmy a tie.


On-set catering and craft services, film acting experience and credit, film poster, DVD or viewable link of performance, and the chance to work with active and creative members of the local film community.

Shooting Dates

February-March 2019


Jonathan Avershal


-Sides available upon request-


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