Vacant Space


By Elizabeth Chan


An unlikely friendship forms when a girl whose head is always stuck in the stars meets someone who is “out of this world”


Stella is a recent college graduate who is looking for purpose in life. However she’s stuck in her small town watching her parent’s house while they are away on their 30th mission trip. Stella dreads the small knit community she lives in and feels out of place all the time. The one thing that Stella loves about her town is that the town is so quiet and dim, and it is the best place to stargaze. Stella routinely goes to the local park to stargaze without any uncommon occurrences until one night she hears a loud crash in the nearby woods. Curious, Stella goes to investigate to see if its an extraterrestrial or not. What she finds however, is an overly enthusiastic “spaceman.” A truly strange friendship develops when they both realize how much they have in common.



Stella (Female, any ethnicity, 18 – late 20s) – Stella is a recent college graduate who is unemployed and still living at her parents’ place. Stella doesn’t have much friends in the town she lives in other than her best friend, Gordy.  She loves to stargaze; in fact, she tries to go to the local park every night to look at the stars. She is a quirky and independent woman. Stella is a bit clumsy, but likes to brush it off as it was something she did on purpose. Despite her somewhat awkward demeanor, she’s quite adventurous and likes trying new things. Some experience in dance is encouraged but not necessary.

Gordy (Male, any ethnicity, 18 – late 20’s) – Gordy is sort of a shut-in who likes to spend most of the day working on alien conspiracy theory videos for his vlog. He actually doesn’t believe in aliens; he’s just making random stuff up to get subscribers. Vlogging is his only source of income so he produces as much videos as he can in one day. He’s been best friends with Stella since the first grade. However, he recently began to develop feelings for her. Gordy, however, is afraid to make a move for fear that Stella will stop being his friend. He tries to be her wingman when he can. 

Atlas (Male, any ethnicity, 18 – late 20’s) – Atlas is a self proclaimed space explorer and cartographist. He’s been traveling the universe as long as he can remember (he actually doesn’t know how old he is; he just kinda started existing). Atlas, however, decided to take a vacation from space (a space-cation) and landed his tiny ship in a sleepy little town. He loves talking to people about space, but most of the time they brush him off. Atlas is a bit eccentric yet pretty composed. Think of a glam rock David Bowie character with the personality of the 11th Doctor from Doctor Who. Some experience in dance is encouraged but not necessary. Also must be okay with wearing colored contacts.


Stella’s Mom (Female, any ethnicity, 30’s – 50’s) – Stella’s mom is quite an adventurous and free spirited woman (where Stella got her sense of adventure from). She and her husband have been doing mission trips all over the world for almost twenty years. She had Stella at a very young age and tried to settle down in a quiet town. Stella’s mom didn’t like that so she and her husband decided to do more mission trips again even though Stella was still pretty young at the time. She doesn’t regret leaving Stella behind but tries to make a connection with Stella now that she is an adult. This part only requires your voice; most of the scenes with this character involves voicemails and phone calls.

Clem (Male, any ethnicity, 20’s – 30’s) – One of the local park punks who loves loitering around the park cracking a cold one with the boys. He and his friend Sharky wreak havoc in the park and are the first to know if something goes on in their territory.

Sharky (Male, any Ethnicity, 20’s – 30’s) – Clem’s right hand man. He too enjoys wreaking havoc in the park. His favorite thing to do is play sudoku with his handy knife…he loves the crisp noise of paper being cut by a knife.

Shoot Days

8-10 shoot days beginning early January and ending in early April


Catering and craft services on set, footage for a reel and/or a DVD copy of your performance, on set experience, a beautifully illustrated movie poster, and of course credit (at screenings and in film festival submissions)


Elizabeth Chan


Sides available per request



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