The Personal Ads


By Maddie Mascaro


A hopelessly romantic yet perpetually lonely Librarian places a personal ad in her towns newspaper which results in a slew of debauched and disappointing dates.


After having spent her entire adult life alone, a shy Librarian is encouraged by her younger friend to place a personal ad for a boyfriend in their local newspaper. She embraces bold spontaneity and places the ad to receive multiple calls from men. After going on a variety of horrible dates with different men she feels like she will never find someone to love. That is until she eventually discovers someone who has been there all along.

Character Breakdown:

Karen (Female, Early-Mid 30s, any ethnicity) – A petite and reserved middle-aged woman, Karen is the towns local Librarian. Her social anxiety has caused her to live a seclude life, however she has always dreamed of sharing her passion for reading and History with another person.

Abigale (Female, Early 20’s, any ethnicity) – Sharp witted, outgoing, and bold, Abigale is an art student at the local college and works at the Library in her free time. She loves being 21 for its freedom but fears becoming old and falling into the everyday routine of life that she has seen so many adults succumb to.


Bo (Male, Mid-Late 30’s) – An overly confident and selfish washed-up musician, Bo is looking for his muse. After breaking up with his band, Bo moves into his grandmother’s house, gets a job at Radio Shack, and hustles his solo EP onto anyone and everyone.

Charles (Male, Late 20’s-Early 30’s) – Selfish, spoiled, and impatient, Charles is an aspiring magician who feels like his talent is under appreciated. His gawky and uncoordinated demeanor takes away any charm that one might feel towards his magic tricks.

Susie (Woman, Mid-Late 40’s) – Karen’s overly protective mother who wants to see her daughter break out of her shell.

Dan (Male, Mid-Late 40’s) – Karen’s kind-hearted and nerdy father.

Kyle (Male, Early 20’s) – Abigale’s boyfriend. A brooding, artistic, college student who is hopelessly in love with Abigale.

Customer (Male, 20’s-30’s) – An egotistical, attractive, and unfriendly patron of the library.

Man #1 (Male, Mid 30’s) – A man who loves History Fiction Novels just as much as Karen.


On-set craft services and catering, film acting credits, DVD of performance, film poster, potential viewership through film festival submissions, great networking experience

Contact info:


Cell: 216-496-0435

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