Handle with Care



By Brianna Gershkowitz


A lonely mail man becomes involved in a neighbor’s secret and struggles under the pressure of the knowledge and guilt.


Ron Harrison spends his days delivering mail to the same houses he has been delivering to for almost twenty years. One day, he says his hello’s to his neighbors, and greets the family pets. He walks past the Clancy family residence, and sees Mr. and Mrs. Clancy kiss goodbye. Their children wave goodbye to their daddy as they walk out of the door holding Mrs. Clancy’s hands. When Ron finishes his rounds, he walks back to his mail truck. He sees a man knock on Mr. Clancy’s door, and Mr. Clancy quickly opens it and pulls him inside. Ron turns the corner, and he catches a glimpse of Mr. Clancy and the random man in the window. Kissing. Ron struggles choosing what to do with this family-threatening information. After much thought and consideration, he tells Mr. Clancy that he saw what happened.

Character Bios

Ron Harrison (Male: 40-60)  A kind yet lonely mail man. His wife has recently died, and he tries to distract himself by being dedicated to work. He is extremely friendly to everyone in the neighborhood he works in. This character sees Joel cheat on his wife, and struggles with how to approach the situation. He is comfortable with homosexuality, but doesn’t want to keep the burden of the secret.

Joel Clancy (Male: 35-55) – A supportive husband to Susie Clancy, and a proud father to Marli and Tyler. Joel is level-headed, calm, organized and well-put together. Joel is secretly gay and having an affair with Marc. He doesn’t want to ruin his relationship with his wife, but can’t stay away from the man he truly loves. Actor must be comfortable being in close contact with another man (holding hands, hugging, fake kissing). 

Susie Clancy (Female: 35-55) – Susie Clancy is witty and spunky, but also sweet and caring. She is a picture-perfect mother of two, married to Joel Clancy. They aren’t madly in love, but they do love each other. They are compatible at best, lacking passion and excitement in their relationship. Susie and Joel are great companions and best friends, but to any neighbor or friend, they are the perfect couple.

Supporting Characters:

Marc Boudreaux (Male: 35-55) – Joel’s secret lover. Actor must be comfortable being in close contact with another man (holding hands, hugging, fake kissing). 

Ali Green (Female: 17-21) – Enthusiastic neighbor who gets into Harvard.

Mrs. Green (Female: 35-55) – Ali Green’s proud mother.

Mrs. Hankins (Female: 30-70) – Curious and friendly neighbor who greets Ron.

Michael Joseph (Male: 4-10) – Excited neighbor who gets a new toy.

Mrs. Collins (Female: 35-65) – Neighbor whose son is killed in war. Actor should feel comfortable dramatically/realistically crying.

Marli Clancy (Female: 6-14) – Joel and Susie’s daughter.

Tyler Clancy (Male: 6-14) – Joel and Susie’s son.


On-set craft services, film acting credits, film poster, DVD of performance, potential for widespread recognition via film festival submission

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