First Impressions


By Joshua Bock


A man trying to find love thinks he finally found the one, but complications from the guys past threaten his relationship.


Dan is very nervous/awkward for his first date with Abby. Before Dan heads to the date he goes to a flower shop where he gets into a dispute with a stranger, who unbeknownst to him turns out to be Abby’s mother. When he is at the restaurant with Abby things are going well, or as well as things could be on the first date. When Dan is taking Abby back home, which happens to be her parents’ house, they run into her mother, who immediately recognizes Dan and won’t allow Abby to date him.

Character Breakdowns:


Dan (Male, 24-30)- Smart, funny, awkward, and not afraid to speak his mind (think a younger Larry David). Very methodical and tries to think of everything before it happens. He is tired of being single and is ready to find the right girl.

Abby (Female, 22-30)- Confident, smart, thinks she is funny but in reality isn’t. This character is trying to find the right person and job. She currently lives with her parents but is tired of that and is looking for her own place.


Jack (Male, 20s)- Dan’s roommate and childhood friend. Very funny, friendly, but can be kind of a douche. Trying to break up with his girlfriend Haley, cause she is too “weird” for him.

Older Woman (Female, 60s)- Abby’s mother, she is very strong-willed and smart. Looks like she is always grumpy

Mary (Female, 30s)- Waitress at the restaurant Dan and Abby go to. You can clearly tell she hates her job and cannot wait for her shift to be over.

Haley (Female, 20s)- Classic valley girl, stuck up and snobby. She thinks she is the best and everyone else is below her. This character is dating Jack.

Flower Shop Employee 1 (Male or Female, 40-60) – Works at the Flower Shop Dan goes to before the date to pick up the flower for Abby.

Flower Shop Employee 2 (Male or Female, 40-60) –  Works at the Flower Shop Dan goes to before the date to pick up the flower for Abby.

Restaurant Host (Male, 30s)

Restaurant Employee (Male or Female, 20-30)


Film acting credits, on-set craft services, a copy of the film and poster, the potential for widespread recognition via film festival submission, and great networking opportunities.

Contact Info:

Joshua Bock


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