By Charlie Hoffman


Superbad meets Aladdin in this witty and unpredictable comedy when Eugenie is released from the confines of a bottle of Gold-Lamp-Schläger and grants Jake’s humble wish for the night of his life.


A shy, reserved student worker seems to have nothing going for him. A victim of his own introversion, he has no real friends. It’s a Friday night and there’s nothing to do but homework. At least, that is the case, until he uncovers a dusty bottle of Gold-Lamp-Schläger in one of his air vents. Out comes Eugenie, a piss drunk but lovable genie prepared to offer his new master the night of his life. Over the course of this wild night, the two search for what they crave most. For our protagonist that is love, and for Eugenie, it’s alcohol. Ultimately, they find what neither of them realized they needed, friendship.

Character Breakdowns:


Hugh (Male, College Age) – A gangly, bright, four-eyed student worker at the library, reserved and shy, Hugh spends more time with his books than other people. Haunted by the death of his high school sweetheart, he has spent the last three years of college in his own world. Finally, he’s ready to break out of his shell.

Eugenie (Male, 20s-70s) – Eugenie the Genie is a lonely soul. Born in 1200 BC, Eugenie endured a gifted but troubled childhood. In his destructive teenage years, he was reduced to his smoke-ish form and restricted him to the interior of a golden lamp. After a Millennia in a gold lamp has made him grumpy and cynical. The last century in a bottle of liquor has made him alcoholic and hysterically funny.


Sally Samperstein (Female, College Age) – Ditzy and confident with a tendency to blow well time bubbles with her chewing gum and a voice that sounds like she invented the Jersey accent, Sally is the cute girl from Hugh’s class that he mistakenly falls for.

Chad (Male, College Age) – A cocky, space cadet of a frat star, Chad is a personification of Natty Light, with a series of timely, over the top appearances.

Andy (Male, 15-20) – Hugh’s good bud and little brother, Andy is a stud at his high school with a big case of senioritis. A more athletic, more social version of Hugh.

Officer Blue and Officer Poquette (Male or Female, 25-50) – Two Average-Joes, Blue is the peanut butter to Poquette’s chocolate. These partners are Hugh’s final obstacle at the end of a long night.

Susan (Female, 30-60) – A mom, Hugh’s boss at the library, witty, dry, and to the point


On-set catering and craft services, film acting experience and credit, film poster, DVD of performance, potential viewership through film festival submissions, reel material, and the opportunity to meet and work alongside talented, young up and coming filmmakers in the New Orleans Area.

Shooting Dates:

8-10 shooting days between mid-January and mid-April.

Contact Info:

Sides available upon request


Phone: (203) 536-1099

Please email, call, or text me with any question you may have.

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